about us


Dr. Diagnosis

Dr. Diagnosis was created to help patients navigate the rapidly evolving healthcare dynamics. Evaluations are done through various telemedicine options to provide safe and quick medical care. Multiple providers are available to treat you and your family. At Dr. Diagnosis, we understand that “diagnose me now” truly means something to our patients.

Dr. Jasmine Bookert is the CEO of Dr. Diagnosis. Dr. Bookert is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and a graduate of Howard University College of Medicine. Dr. Bookert completed her residency at LSU’s Spirit of Charity Emergency Residency Program in New Orleans. Training in New Orleans at a level 1 trauma center provided Dr. Bookert with a wealth of experience and knowledge ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening traumas and diseases. Through her training, Dr.Bookert has become an advocate for sexual assault victims and intimate partner violence. She also has worked through several natural disasters and the most recent Covid-19 pandemic as an essential worker. For the past ten years, Dr. Bookert has served in the Houston area at multiple facilities. Dr. Diagnosis wants to now serve this same community and many others across the country. At Dr. Diagnosis, our group of providers have decades of experience that will help us treat you with the superior medical care your and your family deserve. Let us diagnose you now.

our vision

As healthcare providers, we strive to bring the same services that you would receive in-person to those without easy access to standard medical care and make obtaining that care as simple as possible.

our mission

Our goal at Dr. Diagnosis is to provide superior service using the 3 C’s: Comfort, Convenience, and Comprehensive. We want to serve you in the place of your choosing so that you are relaxed and comfortable during the appointment. Dr. Diagnosis also offers you the ultimate convenience. You choose what time and day you want to be seen by one of our providers. Lastly, we aim to provide you the most comprehensive evaluation possible through telemedicine. The Dr. Diagnosis family hopes to take care of you soon!