The Breakdown with Dr. Diagnosis

The Breakdown with Dr. Diagnosis


                                                                                                               Don’t Miss Your Shot
                                                                                                                      March 30, 2021


Hey everyone! I’m Dr. Jasmine Bookert aka Dr. Jazz.  Can you guess what I’m going to talk about in this post? Yes, you guessed correctly. Covid- 19 vaccines! But before we get into the blog let me say that this blog is NOT medical advice. This blog is for educational and informational purposes. If you have medical concerns or need medical advice, please consult a physician for appropriate evaluation and treatment. Now back to these Covid-19 vaccines. Have you gotten your vaccine yet? I have. So, I’m going to share my experience receiving one of the Covid-19 vaccines and some facts about the vaccines. So, let’s jump right in so you can go sign up!


First, let me begin by acknowledging that it is normal to have some uncertainty or even fears regarding these vaccines.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have experienced new and unknown situations, such as wearing a mask all the time, social distancing, virtual learning or working, and not seeing our loved ones. Now the scientists and the medical community want you to get a new vaccine. Well, yes, we do. We don’t want to keep living like we are in an alternative universe. We don’t want to live in fear of catching or spreading the virus. Life will never go back to our old normal but we want to create a new normal that is safe for all of us. 

Here are a few facts about the vaccines

Dr. Jasmine Bookert

.You will not get Covid from the vaccines.  You may experience an immune response (all those good antibodies) which can make you feel sick, but you will not get Covid-19 from any vaccine.


2. Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA vaccines. They will not alter or mutate your DNA. You will not grow an extra toe. They just don’t work that way.  


3. Johnson & Johnson uses a viral vector technology. Different mechanism but still creates those wonderful antibodies to fight against a Covid-19 infection. 


4. If you have had Covid-19 you will still benefit from being vaccinated.  It is possible to have some immunity for maybe up to 90 days after a Covid-19 infection but there is no lifelong immunity. You should still get the vaccine whenever deemed appropriate by your physician. 


5. Moderna and Pfizer are two shot regimens (28 days and 21 days apart respectively). Johnson & Johnson is one shot. Take which ever one is available. No cherry picking!


6. Allergic Reactions may occur just like with every other vaccine.  If you have a history of severe allergic reactions to vaccines or medications you need to evaluate your risk with your physician. 


7. There is no microchip in the vaccine. I even heard two ladies saying this while waiting to get my mammogram. So, I repeat. There is no microchip in the vaccine. Nothing else to say on that one.


So back to my personal experience. The Pfizer vaccine was available to me in early December since I’m an emergency medicine physician.  I had to wait for the first shot due to an illness. It was not Covid, but I was advised by my physician to wait until cleared of all infection.  Sometimes us doctors do listen as patients. I received my first Pfizer shot on January 15, 2021.  After my first shot I had some arm soreness and felt achy. I was tired that night. No fever or major side effects. Second shot was Feb 5, 2021.  This time I had headache and body aches that same night.  Felt kind of blah. Still had the same symptoms the next day, but did my normal activities.  By Sunday I felt pretty much back to normal. Now, my parents received Moderna and both only had arm soreness. Nothing else. They are both 73 years old and didn’t miss a beat. Moral of the story is I didn’t feel horrible, and months later I have no concerns about the vaccine.


Why is it important to get vaccinated?

Well three reasons:


1. Protect Yourself.

2. Protects others around you.

3. Stop the pandemic.


It really is that simple. As health care providers we don’t want to see people extremely ill or dying from a disease that now may be preventable, or at least not cause such severe symptoms.  Please call your physician, check your local designated vaccine sites, and some of the smaller clinics as well, to get signed up for one of the vaccines. The criteria for getting vaccinated is becoming less restricted and the vaccines are becoming more readily available. I know some of you guys have been anxiously waiting to get the vaccine.  Continue to be patient and diligent.  Keep up the social distancing. You have come too far to not maintain! Encourage your family members, friends, and neighbors to get their vaccines. I truly believe these vaccines are necessary to stop the pandemic. Be a team player and don’t miss your shot. Our lives and well-being depend on it!




So, you get the idea. Get vaccinated.  If you enjoyed this post or want to give some feedback on this blog, drop me an email. Or if you have suggestions for a new topic to discuss, do the same. You can email me at, and follow my social media pages for my podcast on Instagram and Facebook, @thebreakdownwithdrdiagnosis. There you can find the link to my podcast website and subscribe to the podcast. I would love for you to check in with me and my guests regularly to get the breakdown on a new diagnosis every episode. And remember, go check out my new telemedicine company, Dr. Diagnosis. Please follow Dr. Diagnosis on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, @diagnosemenow. And even if you don’t need to see a provider at Dr. Diagnosis, please check out the website for the telemedicine company, at We have plenty of resources and links about COVID-19, influenza, mental health, and other topics. Until next time, stay safe and keep you and your loved ones healthy. See you soon!