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The Breakdown with Dr. Diagnosis –

The Breakdown with Dr. Diagnosis

The Breakdown with Dr. Diagnosis

The Breakdown with Dr. Diagnosis

                                                                                                            Welcome to The Breakdown                                                                                                                       March 26,2021


Hey everyone. This is Dr. Jasmine B. Bookert, aka Dr. Jazz, sending good vibes from Houston, Texas. I want to give you a little insight into my blog called The Breakdown with Dr. Diagnosis. But before we get into the blog let me say that this blog is NOT medical advice. This blog is for educational and informational purposes. If you have medical concerns or need medical advice please consult a physician for appropriate evaluation and treatment. Now, let’s get into this blog!


Have you ever been to the doctor and you leave even more confused about your diagnosis or treatment? I think everyone has, including myself. Are you tired of taking medication and not knowing why? Do you want a more complete understanding of your diagnosis? Well, these questions gave me the idea for this blog. The Breakdown will cover some of the most common diagnoses, from start of finish. We will dive deep into the world of diagnosis which includes explaining the symptoms, how we diagnose, procedures, treatment plans, follow up, and dealing with the mental health aspect of being diagnosed. This blog will also provide information on wellness and preventive medicine so that you can cut back before getting cut by the surgeon’s scalpel!

Who Is Dr. Jazz?

DR. Jasmine Bookert

So here is the breakdown on me.  I am a board certified Emergency Medicine physician.  I’m also a proud graduate of Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. Shout out to all the HBCUs! After graduating from Howard, I moved to do my residency. I completed my residency at the LSU-New Orleans Emergency Medicine program.


I loved the real city vibe of D.C., and getting an education on crab cakes from my Baltimore friends. New Orleans is where I fell in love with gumbo, beignets, Mardi Gras, festivals, and my favorite sports team, The Saints. Yes, I am a part of the Who Dat Nation. I also felt very fortunate to do my medical training in the recent months after Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes it felt like I was in another country. I treated gunshot victims in a MASH like unit in the old Lord & Taylor department store. Patients returned to the city super sick because they were without their medications for over a year or two. For a long time almost, every conversation began with “Well since Katrina……”. It was very rewarding and humbling all at the same time and the lessons learned were invaluable. New Orleans taught me well.  


Besides these wonderful two cities, I grew up in St. Louis and Houston. I have also lived in Albuquerque, NM and Toledo, OH. Each city has helped to mold me into the physician I am today. After completing a four year residency, I moved back to Houston to work and to get married! I have worked all across the city of Houston and the surrounding suburbs, from the inner city to the community emergency departments, to the free standings. So now, I am 10 plus years in the game, not counting medical school and residency. 


Besides being a doctor, I am a wife and a mother of four, including four year old twins. Add on church, community service, and just life, and you can see just how busy I am. And just to add a little more spice to my life, I am now the founder of a telemedicine company, aptly called Dr. Diagnosis. The company is called Dr. Diagnosis(www.diagnosemenow.com) because everyone wants the diagnosis right now, including me! At Dr. Diagnosis, the focus will be taking care of your simple medical problems, along with mental health, nutrition, and wellness. 

Why I Created The Breakdown ​

But back to the blog. The idea of The Breakdown really came from my personal story. Starting around the age of eight, I vividly remember the multiple heart attacks my grandfather endured. My grandfather, Will Anderson, was a simple man with only a third grade education. When he had his heart attacks, he was always in critical condition. My family and I would pretty much drop everything and drive the 12 hours to Caruthersville, Missouri, my mom’s hometown. My grandfather, nor most of my family, understood all the tests or procedures that were being done. Or all the medications my grandfather had to take even once he went home. During those visits, I would stay in the room with my grandfather at the hospital and just hold his hand to try to give him comfort. 


We all have family members that go through a medical crisis and the entire family is confused. I’m still that go to family member that tries to answer and alleviate all the confusion, but now of course, I have my medical education to rely on. My purpose for this blog is to truly help people understand and navigate the maze of healthcare and empower you guys with knowledge about a variety of diagnoses.


So, I hope you understand my idea for this blog a little better. Please send me your ideas for topics to discuss. I already have a list of topics that I think would be good to breakdown on this blog, but I definitely want to hear from you guys.  You can email me at drdiagnosis@diagnosemenow.com, and follow my social media pages for my podcast with the same name on Instagram and Facebook, @thebreakdownwithdrdiagnosisThere you can find the link to my podcast website and subscribe to the podcast. I would love for you to check in with me and my guests to get the breakdown on your diagnosis. And remember, I am launching my new telemedicine company, Dr. Diagnosis, in April. Please follow Dr. Diagnosis on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, @diagnosemenow. And even if you don’t need to see a provider at Dr. Diagnosis, please check out the website for the telemedicine company, at www.diagnosemenow.com. We have plenty of resources and links about COVID-19, influenza, mental health, and other topics. Until next time, stay safe and keep you and your loved ones healthy. See you soon!